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    1. 對毛孩的社會責任



    2. 支持本地設計師



    3. 為初出道的設計師提供表現平台

我們歡迎各位有興趣的設計師,將你們的草圖/設計圖(與毛孩相關)投往我們的電郵 (,我們會積極考慮將你的設計化成作品,並放到網店出售,讓更多人認識你的作品。

    4. 用心製作成品





"Living with Fur Babies, Creating with Design" - this is the philosophy of Habal Studio. We are a group of passionate pet lovers who feel the healing power of our furry friends every time we see their innocent and pure faces. That is why we founded this studio, to combine the diverse lives of pets with original local designs, and to accompany and heal every pet lover!

Our studio has three main goals: caring for pets, supporting local designers, and producing with care.

1. Social Responsibility for Pets

In terms of caring for pets, we often see the tragedy of abuse, abandonment, homelessness, and illegal breeding of pets, which is heartbreaking and infuriating! Therefore, we do our best to donate part of our profits to local charities that rescue pets, hoping that they can continue to save these innocent fur babies.

2. Supporting Local Designers

Our products mostly have the personal characteristics and unique original style of the designers. Especially the designers we hired all have a deep love for pets and present their favorite side of pets in their work!

3. Providing a Platform for Emerging Designers

We welcome all interested designers to submit their sketches/designs (related to pets) to our email ( We will actively consider turning your designs into products and putting them up for sale on our website, so that more people can know your work.

4. Producing with Care

We value producing with care. We deeply understand that inviting designers to contribute their creative efforts, if the quality issues affect the public's perception of the designer, it would be an irresponsible act. Therefore, Habal promises to focus on the design concept and overall quality of the finished product, so that every customer can be satisfied with our products.

We welcome bulk orders and hope that you can support Habal Studio's products. While bringing the power of pets to everyone, we also hope that more people can come into contact with and get to know emerging designers. Depending on the quantity of group purchases, Habal will try to provide more discounts/offers to our supportive customers. As long as you love pets, we share the same philosophy. 

Habal Studio, making you and your pets happier!

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